MDP Seeria pudel isoopropanooli jaoks

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Isopropanol Liquid Dispensing Pumps

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0.051 kg

  • For use with isopropanol for proper cleaning of fiber during cable preparation
  • Stable, rectangular bottom & one-handed pump operation design improves worker efficiency
  • Containers are not supplied with liquid


MDP-4 Series

  • Cam-lock hinge keeps lid open & closed to reduce odors
  • Stainless Steel pump design prevents fluid from re-entering the bottle
  • Dispenses approximately 2 cc of liquid every time


MDP-8 Series

  • Polypropylene twist-lock pump provides a leak-free seal for travel & is ideal for use in a fiber kit

Mõõdud MDP-4: 79 mm x 54 mm, MDP-8L; 74 x 140 x 61 mm
Kaal MDP-4: 65 g, MDP-8L: 51 g

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MDP Seeria pudel isoopropanooli  jaoks

MDP Seeria pudel isoopropanooli jaoks

Isopropanol Liquid Dispensing Pumps

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