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Fiiberoptika puhastuspliiats

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Kõrgkvaliteetne ühe-kliiki otsaku puhastaja φ1.25mm ja φ2.5mm otsakute jaoks. 800 kliiki.

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As a high precision opponents, even a little contaminants on the optical ferrule can affect the performance of the whole optical transmission system. If a optical ferrule is polluted, it is hard to make it clean again in ordinary ways for the high requirements of the cleaning equipment and the little space the ferrule left for cleaning. With the One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner, all the problem can be solved easily. The cleaner is composed with special cleaning reel, extendable nuzzle and guide cap of specified size. These make the cleaner meet rigorous requirements of the cleaning solution. The One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner is absolutely your good partner in optical cleaning solution.


  • Clean over 95% surface of fiber ferrule with only One Click
  • Super long lifetime, over 800 times cleaning
  • 2.5mm/1.25mm universal ferrule mate connector adapter suitable for SC, FC, ST, LC, and MU and other 2.5mm/1.25mm fiber connectors with PC or APC polishing mode
  • Can handle any types of pollution
  • Suitable for both male (ferrule) and female (adapter) connectors

Ordering information: 

FOC25 - One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner, 2.5 mm (SC/ST/FC, E2000)

FOC125 - One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner, 1.25 mm (LC/MU)

Ühendused 2.5 mm (SC, ST, FC, E2000) või 1.25 mm (LC, MU)
Tööaeg 800 cycles
Mõõdud 180 x 17 x 17 mm (with extended nozzle 215 x 17 x 17mm)
Kaal 0,100 kg

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Fiiberoptika puhastuspliiats

Fiiberoptika puhastuspliiats

Kõrgkvaliteetne ühe-kliiki otsaku puhastaja φ1.25mm ja φ2.5mm otsakute jaoks. 800 kliiki.

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