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    ITECH uus IT-M7700 on kõrgjõudlusega programmeeritav vahelduvvooluallikas ühendab intelligentsuse ja paindlikkuse, murrab läbi traditsioonilise vahelduvvooluallika tohutud vead, vähendab selle mahtu vaid 1⁄2 1U-ni, maksimeerib ruumi kasutamist. Sisseehitatud võimsusmõõtur ja suvaline lainekujugeneraator muudavad erinevate suvaliste lainekuju väljundite simuleerimise mugavaks. IT-M7700 on kavandatud programmeeritavate vahelduv- ja alalisvoolu...

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  • Support multiple power supplies paralleling in Master-Slave mode and ensures each power supply equally shares the load current. IT7600 series high performance programmable AC power supplies, adopt advanced digital signal processing technology, with frequency up to 10-5000 Hz, built-in all-round power meter and large-screen oscilloscope function. Power up to 54 kVA and support master-slave parallel, which can provide high-capacity single-phase or...

  • IT7300 series sets up the new standard for high performance AC power source. It equips with all powerful features such as power line disturbance (PLD) simulation, Dimmer, Sweep and comprehensive measurement functions. IT7300 series has built-in LAN/RS232/USB/GPIB communication interface (IT7321 does not have GPIB. These features make the IT7300 series ideal for commercial, power electronics and military test applications from bench-top testing to mass...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items