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SNDWAY SW-S80 is precision, efficient and innovative laser distance meter, equipped with electronic level bubble and camera. Distance meter working distance up to 120 m.

2 years warranty, 1 year replacement guarantee.

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This is a very well built, versatile, accurate and labor intensive digital laser distance meter. It greatly improves speed and accuracy, makes field work easy, mindless and more accuracy.

The measuring origin can be set to the front, back or middle. Simple measuring is very easy: just press the MEAS key once to turn on the laser; point it to where you want to measure and press the MEAS key again. The distance can be displayed in inches/feet (both decimal and fractional) or meters. You can cycle through the various units by pressing the UNIT key.

Other options include area, cubic volume, indirect measurement, the ability to add/subtract measurements...etc.

The meter has Large TFT LCD 4 lines Display, digital Level, Camera, USB Connection, Self Calibration function, Area & Volume Addition/Subtraction, Straking-out.


  • Easy targeting with bright laser pointer, a labor intensive distance measurer makes field work easy, mindless & accurate.
    Ideal for home, construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, etc.
  • Double injection enables durable and well build, non-slip rubber-like material around the edge enables a solid grip and the buttons respond nicely.
  • Wide measuring range from 0.05 to 120m, High accurate measuring +/-2mm, Multi unit selection of meter, inch and feet; Digital level, Large TFT LCD Display, Digital Level, USB Connection.
  • Multi Measurement Modes: Single-distance Measurement, Continuous Measurement, Area & Volume Measurement, Area & Volume Addition/Subtraction, Indirect Pythagoras Measurement
  • 2 year warranty, supports data hold and data clear function, Supports data store/recall function, IP54 protection Auto/Manual power off


  • Measuring Range 0.05-120m
  • Measuring Accuracy ±2mm
  • Measuring Unit mm/in/ft
  • Continuous Measurement YES
  • Area Measurement YES
  • Volume Measurement YES
  • Triangle leg Measurement YES
  • Addition/Subtraction YES
  • Area&Volume Addition/Subtraction YES
  • Max./Min. Measurement YES
  • Straking-out YES
  • Delay Measurement YES
  • Digital Level YES
  • Camera YES
  • Max storage 100 Units
  • Connection USB
  • Laser Class 635nm Class 2
  • Automatic laser off 20s
  • Automatic shutdown 150s
  • Storage Temperature -20~60 degree Celsius
  • Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40 degree Celsius
  • Storage Humidity RH85%
  • Battery 3x1.2V 800mA Ni-MH
  • Size 125x50x26.5mm
  • Weight 155g with battery

Package Contents:

1 x 120m Laser Distance Meter

1 x Pouch Bag

1 x Wrist Strap

1 x USB Charging cable

1 x USB disc

1 x English User Manual

3 x Rechargeable batteries

1 x Retail box

1 x Reflective board

Ekraan LCD 4-line segment display, TFT 320x240 Color
Ekraani valgustus Yes
Patareid 1.2V 3*800mAh AAA Ni-MH
Tööaeg 30000
Mõõdud 125*54*27 mm
Kaal 155 g
Töötingimused 0⁰C ~ 40⁰C
Hoiutingimused -20⁰C ~ 60⁰C, 20% ~ 80%RH
Tulemuste salvestamine 100 units
Mõõteulatus 0.05 - 120 m
Mõõtmise täpsus +/- (2+5 x 10-5D) mm
Mõõtühik m / ft / in
Kaitseaste IP54
Isekalibreerimine Yes
Bluetooth Optional
SD Card No
Laserklass Class II 635nm
Automaatne laseri välja lülitamine 20s ~ 120s
Automaatne välja lülitamine 100s ~ 300s
Viivitatud mõõtmine Yes
Pidev mõõtmine Yes
Maks./Min. mõõtmine Yes
Pindala mõõtmine Yes
Mahu mõõtmine Yes
Nurga mõõtmine Yes
Lagunemine Yes
Pythagorase mõõtmine Yes
Kolmnurga pindala Yes
Liitmine / lahutamine Yes
Pindala ja mahu liitmine/lahutamine Yes
Punktist punktini Yes
Mitme võrdluspunkti 4
Ühikute valik Yes
Piiks Yes
Mull Digital bubble
Otsatükk Yes
Statiivi auk Yes
Käerihm Yes
Elektrooniline hääleülekanne No
Kaamera Yes
Video No
Foto No
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    Laser distance meter for up to 50 m measurements with higher frequency green wavelength. With point-to-point function.

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Laser kaugusemõõtja SNDWAY SW-S120

Laser kaugusemõõtja SNDWAY SW-S120

SNDWAY SW-S80 is precision, efficient and innovative laser distance meter, equipped with electronic level bubble and camera. Distance meter working distance up to 120 m.

2 years warranty, 1 year replacement guarantee.

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