IDA 2 Портативный анализатор сигнала


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Легкий и портативный анализатор для определения, анализа и локализации разиосигналов и интерференции. 9 кГц до 6 ГГц

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Narda Safety Test Solutions


Product Features

Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA 2 is a highly sensitive signal analyzer.

  • Light and ergonomic
  • Intuitive operating system
  • Bright display readable in sunlight
  • Comprehensive display facilities
  • Excellent RF properties

IDA 2 combines excellent RF signal selectivity with fast monitor capabilities and integrated tools such as a double compass and map display for determining the geographical location of RF sources.

The main tasks of the IDA 2 are the detection, analysis and localization of RF signals. Outstanding features of this portable instrument are functions such as Horizontal Scan with automatic azimuth determination and smartDF® for automatic calculation of the emitter position.

The robust, ergonomic design is protected against mechanical stress, weather effects and high power RF irradiation.

Measurements made with the IDA 2 quickly yield results thanks to its practically oriented operating modes:

  • Spectrum
  • Direction Finding
  • Level Meter
  • Multi-Channel Power
  • Time Domain (Scope)
  • I/Q Analyzer (I/Q display, Magnitude display, high resolution spectrograms and persistence spectrums)



The risk of RF interference due to unintentional emissions and interactions has greatly increased with the growth in the use of wireless technologies. IDA 2 is designed for rapid detection and localization of all types of RF emissions. Some example applications:

  • Eliminating faults in mobile telecommunications equipment (2G/3G/4G)
  • Tracing interference caused by industrial plant Securing communications at large events
  • Locating interference transmitters / jammers (e.g. for TETRA, TETRAPOL, POLYCOM, etc.)
  • Monitoring radio frequencies and frequency bands Detecting signals in security operations
  • Localizing bug transmitters (TSCM)
  • Signal monitoring for border protection
  • Localizing SOS beacons (SAR)


Available Driver Software

Please be aware that the software might be subject to US or EU export control. It will be your responsibility to comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations. For more information, please contact the manufacturer directly.

  • INRADIOS: Communication System Monitoring (CSM) Software
  • RadioInspector: Software for Radio Spectrum Monitoring
  • Krypto500: Signal Demodulation and Decoding Software
  • Skylink: Remote Spectrum Analyzer Monitor System
  • skyline: DataMiner Spectrum Analysis
  • HILTRON: DSNG Monitor&Control Software HMCS
  • TES AMERICA: TESMonitor®
  • SatService: sat-nms MNC Monitoring & Control System
  • Go2Monitor: Signal Demodulation and Decoding Software
  • Various RTL-SDR supported Software: SDR#, SDR-Radio/SDRConsole, HDSDR
  • Others are being developed


Included in delivery:

IDA-3106 Basic Unit 
- Power Supply 12VDC,100V-240VAC 
- Cable, USB2.0 
- Mem-Card Reader, microSD/USB 
- Software, IDA Tools 
- Operating Manual IDA-3106 
- Remark: no case

Элементы питания 3 hours (nominal), battery pack is hot swappable
Размеры 213 mm x 297 mm x 77 mm
Вес 2.8 kg (basic unit including battery)
Частотный диапазон 9 kHz to 6 GHz

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IDA 2 Портативный анализатор сигнала

IDA 2 Портативный анализатор сигнала

Легкий и портативный анализатор для определения, анализа и локализации разиосигналов и интерференции. 9 кГц до 6 ГГц

Description Language Ver. Link
Datasheet IDA 2 English NSTS 0716-E0305D IDA 2 Datasheet, EN
Datasheet RF Filters English NSTS 0417-E0321B Filters Datasheet, EN
Brochure IDA 2 English NSTS 04/17 E0330A IDA 2 Brochure, EN
Flyer IDA in action at major events English NSTS 0812 ME-E0299A IDA in action Flyer, EN
IDA 2 Commands English V 3.1.0 IDA 2 Commands, EN
Flyer IDA 2 - HiRes Spectrum Analyzer English NSTS 0317-D0325A IDA 2 Flyer, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 Horizontalscan English TN100 TN: Horizontal Scan, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 Interference Localization English TN102 TN: Interference Localization, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 IQ Analyzer English TN103 TN: IQ Analyzer, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 Attenuator English TN104 TN: Attenuator, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 User generated maps English TN105 TN: Maps, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 Receiver and Spectrum Analyzer English TN106 TN: Receiver, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 HiRes Spectrogram English TN107 TN: Spectrogram, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 Revealing Interference English TN108 TN: Interference, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 Filter/td> English TN110 TN: Filter, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2/NRA IQ Data English TN101 TN: IQ Data, EN
Technical Note: IDA 2 Datarate Responsetime English TN1103 TN: Responsetime, EN
Application Note: IDA 2 GSM Intermodulation English 1074 AN: Intermodulation, EN
Application Note: IDA 2 Interference Measurement and Localization English 1057 AN: Interference, EN
Application Note: IDA 2 Jammer English 1076 AN: Jammer, EN
Application Note: IDA 2 Multitransmitter Airport Stuttgart English 1061 AN: Multitransmitter, EN
Application Note: IDA 2 - Demosoftware - General English TN1105 AN: Demo, EN

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