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Käsiraamat - SRM-3006 (inglise keeles)


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Raadiosageduste elektromagnetväljade mõõtmine mobiilside baasjaamas ja raadiosaatjatel.

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Narda Safety Test Solutions



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About the book

This book is intended to provide you with the theoretical and practical background information that is necessary for the correct determination of high frequency EMF emmission using a frequency selective device, particularly in the vicinity of broadcast and mobile communications transmitters. Although this practical guide is aimed at both newcomers and experienced users of the Narda SRM-3006, users of other frequency selective measuring devices for the determination of EMF exposure levels will fi nd much universally applicable information in this book that they can apply in their everyday work.

About the author

Professor Dr.-Ing. Matthias Wuschek was awarded a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering (RF and communications technology) in 1986. He achieved his PhD in 1998, after several years as a technical trainer for radar and antenna technology. He joined the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany) as professor in 2000, lecturing on the subjects of communication technology, RF measurement technology, and mobile communications. Prof. Wuschek is Head of the Telecommunication Engineering and EMC Test Laboratories. His main scientifi c objective is the development and improvement of fi eld strength measurement techniques for EMF exposure determination. Within just the last decade, he has under taken several hundred EMF measurement projects and some 100 workshops and training courses about aspects of electromagnetic radiation and the determination of EMF exposure, both in Germany and in many other countries around the world.


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Käsiraamat - SRM-3006 (inglise keeles)

Käsiraamat - SRM-3006 (inglise keeles)

Raadiosageduste elektromagnetväljade mõõtmine mobiilside baasjaamas ja raadiosaatjatel.