Test telephones, cable tracers, fusion splicers, fiber optics equipment, fiber cleaning tools, AC/DC sources, AC/DC loads, LED testers, Battery testers, electromagnetic field monitoring equipment, radio monitoring equipment, digital signal processing equipment, spectrum analyzers, time-domain reflectometers (TDR), optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDR), modular devices with wide range of modules.

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  • Fiber optics

    Equipment for work with fiber optic networks, incl. microscopes, lasers, power meters, cleavers, fiber identifiers, visual fault locators etc.

  • Duct tracing

    The duct sonde family includes a whole range of robust, water tight and powerful transmitter sonds to be used from fiber optic micro ducts to sewers. Sonde diameters are 6.4mm, 9mm and 18mm and tracing frequencies 10kHz, 33kHz and 512Hz. Accessories include push rods and adapters to different thread sizes. Video shows typical tracing depth for the sonds.


    Comparison table of Vesala duct sondes. Indicated range is typical tracing distance with Vesala CL43 receiver. Maximum range is longer.

    Model Diameter Frequency Signal Range in the air Range in cast iron duct IP/IK code Battery type Battery life Optional battery compartment
    MPL4-33 4.6 mm 33 kHz Continuous 2.3 m 0 m IP67/IK02 BR425 or CR425 9 h
    MPL6-33 6.4 mm 33 kHz Continuous 2.3 m 0 m IP67/IK03 BR425 or CR425 9 h
    MPL7-33 7.5 mm 33 kHz Continuous 5.1 m 0 m IP67/IK07 BR535 or CR535 6 h MPL7-M5
    MPL9-33 9.0 mm 33 kHz Continuous 5.7 m 0 m IP67/IK07 BR535 or CR535 6 h MPL9-M5
    PL18-05 18 mm 512 Hz Continuous 5.3 m 3.5 m IP68/IK08 LS14250 8 h PL18-FM, PL18-M10M
    PL18-33 18 mm 33 kHz Continuous 10 m 0 m IP68/IK08 LS14250 20 h PL18-FM, PL19-M10M
    PL42-05 42 mm 512 Hz Continuous 13 m 8.4 m IP68/IK08 8 x LR6 5 h
  • WiFi

    WiFi testers and analyzers

  • Other locators

    Other locators, like drill point locator, EMS markers locator etc.

  • Modular test platforms

    New generation test platforms for different kinds of network testing

  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

    Wideband, selective EMF analyzers, personal safety in electromagnetic fields etc. 

  • Power Supplies
  • Electronic Power Meters
  • Electronic Loads
  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Battery testers
  • EMC Products

    Products for demonstrating the electromagnetic compatibility of devices (EMC), i.e. for investigating inadvertent high frequency emissions that can interfere with other equipment as well as the immunity to irradiation that could interfere with a device.

  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Copper and electric networks

    Cable and wire tracers, test telephones, Reflectometers (TDR) and accessories.

  • Laser distance meters
  • Waterproof cases

    Waterproof cases for equipment and accessories with IP67 protection class against water, dust, impacts etc. 

  • Bags & cases

    Bags and cases for equipment

  • Batteries

    Special batteries for equipment

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items