Широкополосный измеритель поля NBM-520

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Narda Broadband Field Meter NBM-520 - это очень компактное и ручное устройство для измерения электрических и магнитных полей. Готов для тестирования 5G.

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Narda Safety Test Solutions


1.5 kg

The Narda Broadband Field Meter NBM-520 is a very compact hand held device for measuring electric and magnetic fields.
The simplest possible operation with just four Buttons.

NBM-520 is part of the NBM-500 instrument family. It gives extremely accurate results for electromagnetic field strength measurements. The NBM-520, like its bigger counterpart NBM-550, handles applications from a few Hertz through to long wave and up to high frequency microwave radiation using a selection of interchangeable probes for electric and magnetic fields.

The field strengths are captured with flat frequency response probes or probes with shaped frequency response, allowing the measurement values to be assessed against an environmental or occupational safety standard. The calibration factors for each probe are stored in the probe itself and are read out and taken into account automatically by the measuring set.


  • Intelligent probe interface detects the probe parameters
  • Fully automatic zero point adjustment
  • PC software for convenient data management
Дисплей 4 cm (1.5“); 128 x 64 pixels
Время работы 12 hours (backlight permanently on)
Размеры 36 x 52 x 195 mm
Вес 300 g (without probe)

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Широкополосный измеритель поля NBM-520

Широкополосный измеритель поля NBM-520

Narda Broadband Field Meter NBM-520 - это очень компактное и ручное устройство для измерения электрических и магнитных полей. Готов для тестирования 5G.

Description Language Ver. Link
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Narda NBM-520 Basic Set

NBM-520, Set 2 (2400/102B)

1. NBM-520 Basic unit (2403/01B)
2. Hard case, holds field meter and up to 2 probes (2400/90.07)
3. Power supply, 9VDC, 100V-240VAC (2259/92.06)
4. Shoulder strap, 1 m (2244/90.49)
5. O/E converter USB (2260/90.07)
5. Cable, fiber optic, duplex (1000 µm), RP-02, 2 m (2260/91.02)
6. Software, NBM-TS, PC transfer (2400/93.01)
7. Operating manual
8. Certificate of calibration

NBM-520, Set 4 (2400/104B)

...identical to NBM-500 Set 2 (2400/102B) but with a larger case (2400/90.06) for up to 5 probes

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