NBM E-Fied Probe EF 4091 Padidinti

NBM E-Fied Probe EF 4091 (40 MHz - 40 GHz)


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High frequency field probe for radio and satellite communications. 3 MHz - 18 GHz



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High frequency field probe for radio and satellite communications. 3 MHz - 18 GHz

  • General public and occupational field exposure
  • Broad frequency range with high dynamic range
  • Isotropic (non-directional) measurement
Matmenys 318 mm x 66 mm Ø
Svoris 90 g
Frequency range 40 MHz to 40 GHz
Measurement range 0.7 to 400 V/m (CW); 0.7 to 61.4 V/m (True RMS)
Dynamic range 55 dB

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NBM E-Fied Probe EF 4091 (40 MHz - 40 GHz)

NBM E-Fied Probe EF 4091 (40 MHz - 40 GHz)

High frequency field probe for radio and satellite communications. 3 MHz - 18 GHz

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