Adapters, connectors, probes, antennas, modules for equipment, filters and other accessories.

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  • Adapteriai

    RJ, BNC, LSA, Banana etc. adapters for devices

  • Zondai ir antenos

    Inductive and capacitive probes, transformers, transmitting antennas, probes for EMC measuring, radio antennas etc.

  • Kabeliai ir kordai

    Cables and cords for devices

  • Ausinės

    Headsets for devices

  • Bags & cases

    Bags and cases for equipment

  • Options sets

    Different hardware and software options sets for devices

  • Papildoma įranga

    Displays, tone generators and other auxilary equipment for devices

  • Trikojai

    Conductive and non-conductive, different hight tripods for devices

  • Waterproof cases

    Waterproof cases for equipment and accessories with IP67 protection class against water, dust, impacts etc. 

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Rodoma 1 - 6 iš 6 dalykų