New GPON Meter FX80 from VeEX

New GPON Meter FX80 from VeEX

The VeEX FX80 PON optical power meter is an inline optical power meter geared for FTTx/PON service activation. It simultaneously measures downstream signals to the ONT and upstream signals to the OLT.

Key features include FTTx power meter for B/E/G-PON applications; ONU and OLT test ports with pass-through design; fixed SC/APC Interface for ONU and OLT test ports; concurrent measurement and display of Upstream and Downstream signals; 1310 nm Upstream CW/Burst signal support; 1490/1550 nm Downstream signal support; programmable thresholds with pass/fail indication; optional broadband power meter with universal adaptors; non-volatile storage for >930 measurements; wired transfer of stored results to a PC via micro USB; PC software for data transfer, management and report generation; splash- and dust-resistant keypad and chassis design; upload of stored results to VeEX R-Server workforce management system or Fiberizer Cloud; and high-contrast LCD — visible outdoors, backlight for indoor or low light conditions.

Specifications include wavelength-selective level measurements for verifying B/E/GPON networks according to ITU-T G.983/4 and IEEE 802.3ah recommendations; calibrated wavelengths 1310/1490/1550 nm; FTTx PON Power Measurement range (Passthrough): -40 to +10 dBm (1310 nm), -40 to +12 dBm (1490 nm) and -40 to +25 dBm (1550 nm); burst measurement range at 1310 nm -30 to +10 dBm; pass through insertion loss ≤1.5 dB; BB-OPM absolute accuracy ±0.5 dB; linearity ±0.2 dB at 1550 nm (≥-40 dBm); optical return loss at 1550 nm ≥55 dB; display resolution 0.01 dB; broadband (CW) measurement range — Standard (PM1) version -65 to +10 dBm and high (PM2) version -50 to +25 dBm; communication I/F micro USB; battery built-in, rechargeable Li-polymer; and battery operating time (without backlight) for broadband OPM mode >80 h and FTTx PON mode more than 40 h.

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Mar 2, 2018