INNO Instrument launched the new OTDRs, VIEW500 and MINI2

INNO Instrument launched the new OTDRs, VIEW500 and MINI2

INNO Instrument launched the new OTDRs, VIEW500 and MINI2

INNO Instrument officially launched the new products, 2 types of OTDR, VIEW500 and MINI2 on September 18. VIEW500 is standard OTDR as bench-top type. And MINI2 is the compact OTDR as hand-held type.

VIEW500 and MINI2 have 5 main functions. First is OTDR mode. OTDR mode allows for measuring distance, loss, reflectivity, attenuation and accumulation loss on a fiber optical link. Secondly, SOLA is an application for the OTDR, designed to simplify OTDR test process without the need to configure the parameters or analysis while parsing multiple complex OTDR curves. Third, VFL allows for finding direct fault locations in fiber test dead zones or performing fiber core calibration in multi-fiber cables. Fourth is Fiber Microscope. Fiber end tester (peripheral required) is mainly used to test the cleanliness and flatness of the fiber end face. Fifth is OPM(Optical Power Meter). The OPM is used for measuring the absolute optical power meter or relative optical power loss through the span of the optical fiber. And the last is light source. Invisible light source (1310 or 1550ns) can provide the following types of light, including CW light, 1kHz light, 2kHz light, 1kHz blink light, 2kHz blink light.

INNO Instrument also launched the fiber microscope and optical power meter. It is an essential to utilize auto-analysis software to test the connector and assess its quality during the commissioning and installation of the fiber. It is very important to save the verification records of the connector for future reference. End-to-end verification can be achieved by combining the connector test with the fiber verification. The V20 is able to analyze the cleanliness of the fiber end-face.

And the optical power meter, V30 is easy to operate with multiple functions of the VFL, OPM and fiber face inspection. The V30 is designed for use in the fields of construction and maintaining optical cable, communications companies and data centers.

Sep 19, 2017