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Multi-Service Module for MTTplus


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The MTTplus-320 Multi-Service Module is a full-featured test solution for OTN, SONET, SDH, PDH, DSn, 64k Codirectional, C37.94, Carrier Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SyncE, PTP and CPRI/OBSAI.

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  • All-in-one multi-service test solution, from 64 kbps to 10 Gbps
  • Transport, Core, Metro, SAN, Backhaul and Fronthaul applications
  • Supports independent and simultaneous measurements



  • Advanced flexible OTN, SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn test payload map/mux, including EoOTN support (ODU0 and ODUflex)
  • Overhead Monitoring and Byte decoding
  • Automatic Protection Switching and Service Disruption
  • Round Trip Delay on all interfaces and payload mappings
  • Tandem Connection Monitoring
  • Jitter and Wander (E1, E3, DS1, DS3, STM-1o, OC-3)
  • Non-intrusive Pulse Mask Analysis at E1, E3 and DS1, DS3 rates


Fibre Channel

  • Storage Area Networks (SAN) testing
  • BERT and Throughput test
  • RFC2544: Throughput, latency, frame loss, back to back tests
  • Layer 1 and layer 2 loopbacks



  • Common Public Radio Interface standard (CPRI): Unframed, Layer 1 Framed and Layer 2 tests (REC/BBU and RE/RRH emulation)
  • Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI): Unframed tests
  • BER testing with PRBS stress patterns
  • Latency measurements


SCADA and Teleprotection

  • IEEE C37.94 Testing
    • Terminal and bidirectional pass-through monitor modes
    • 64k to 768k (N: 1 to 12)
    • BERT, Alarms and Round Trip Delay
    • GPS-assisted one-way-latency (asymmetry)
    • MMF and SMF optical interfaces
  • G.703 64k Codirectional Testing
    • Terminal mode
    • BERT, Alarms and Round Trip Delay



  • RFC2544 Throughput, latency, frame loss and back to back tests
  • V-SAM test suite compliant with ITU-T Y.1564 standard
  • IEEE 802.3ah, ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.1ag, MPLS-TP OAM support
  • Q in Q (VLAN stacking), MPLS, MPLS-TP, PBB support
  • RFC6349 V-PERF TCP test suite
  • Layer 2 Control Protocol Transparency test
  • In-service monitoring with frames capture and on-screen protocol decode
  • One way latency with optional built-in GPS
  • Fully integrated solution for synchronized packet networks
  • Supports IEEE 1588v2/PTP and SyncE/ITU-T G.8261 standards
  • Master Clock and Slave clock emulation
  • IEEE 1588v2/PTP protocol monitor & decode, and PDV analysis
  • Clock recovery from SyncE or PTP and output to physical port
  • Wander measurement and MTIE/TDEV analysis
  • ESMC SSM generation, monitoring, and decoding
  • VoIP and IPTV testing
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    Modular Test Platform The MTTplus platform builds on the legacy of the legendary MTT, providing a compact, powerful and cost-effective modular test toolkit for today’s wide range of evolving test needs. The compact MTTplus Modular Test Platform addresses the challenges of communication service providers to increase efficiency and productivity. The flexible test platform lowers operational and capital expenditures associated with handling multiple...

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Multi-Service Module for MTTplus

Multi-Service Module for MTTplus

The MTTplus-320 Multi-Service Module is a full-featured test solution for OTN, SONET, SDH, PDH, DSn, 64k Codirectional, C37.94, Carrier Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SyncE, PTP and CPRI/OBSAI.

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