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  • IT6500C series has 2-quadrant current output ability and seamless switching between two quadrants, which enables it to be suitable for battery fast charging and discharging measurements without sacrificing accuracy.

  • ITS5300, the most accurate battery testing system, includes our power supply and electronic load, internal resistance tester,temperature capture card and ITS5000 battery test software. With it you can do charge test in CC/CV, discharge test in CC/CR/CP for multi-channel single battery/battery pack simultaneously. Moreover, it can monitor voltage, temperature, internal resistance of each single battery, generate charge-discharge curve and save test data.

  • IT8800 series has wide power range 150W~10KW, voltage and cureent measurement speed up to 50KHZ, resolution up to 0.1mV/0.01mA, adjustable measurement current rising speed 0.001A/us~2.5A/us, built-in RS232/GBIP/USB interface. IT8800 series has wide application fields because of its high perfromance products, it has been applied to LED lighting, aerospace, automotive electronics and other fields.      

  • ITS9500 power supply test system is a convenient, practical and cost-efficient testing system, it designed for switching power supply test. The standard 5U unit integrates electronic loads, programmable AC power supplies, programmable DC power supplies, noise analyzers, timing analyzers, digital electric meters, oscilloscope, I/O card and other instruments,ITS9500 can be installed on the counter top or inside a standard cabinet. Widely applied for tests...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items