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Inductive and capacitive probes, transformers, transmitting antennas, probes for EMC measuring, radio antennas etc.

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  • SA10 is a 10kHz tuned amplifying inductive rod probe that is used with XTR25 or KXR15 receivers for cable tracing when the tracing distance is more than 20cm, like with underground cables. SA10 is used in the same way as ordinary SA1 but the tuned construction increases its sensitivity considerably compared to SA1. SA10 is used also when XT25 and KX15 wire tracers are used for locating the...

  • KA6 is a small size capacitive receiver probe for tracing and identifying wires and pairs and for detecting mains wires inside walls. It has an isolated construction, hence it is safe to use even with galvanically exposed wires. KA6 has very slim construction and a hook-shaped tip, which makes it easy to pull out pairs even from a tight bunch of wires. When using a receiver, the strongest...

  • SPA10/20 is an accessory for the Vesala cable tracers. It is suitable for tracing e.g. small empty cable piping routes in buildings, prefabricated hollow wall blockages or non-conductive sewers and their blockages. Usage of SPA10/20 resembles usage of the pipe transmitters, which is an independent transmitter.

  • The handle is ergonomically shaped and fits snugly in the hand, and yet it is a technically sophisticated device with several function. It accepts antennas in horizontal and vertical positions, contains a switchable preamplifier, a compass, position sensors, and a measurement start / stop button. The antenna handle communicates with the basic unit through a control cable.

  • Antenna 1 covers the frequency range from 20 MHz to 250 MHz. It therefore includes the ISM band at 27 MHz, and is particularly suitable for interference and spurious signal searching in the VHF broadcast radio range, but also covers the lower end of VHF television and includes DAB frequencies.

  • Antenna 2 covers the frequency range from 200 MHz to 500 MHz, making it eminently suitable for interference and spurious signal searches on all communications services within this band, and also includes the 433 MHZ ISM frequency.

  • The 400 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range of Antenna 3 covers the entire spectrum of mobile communications including LTE and WLAN, and also includes L, S, and C band radar, for example.

  • This low-frequency loop antenna is particularly suitable for detecting defective or poorly screened switched power supplies or electrical controllers that emit interference, and for identifying interference due to power line carrier systems, or demonstrating interference with other signals in the very low frequency range (ultra long wave).

  • Receiver probe LA43 (Inductive) for use with Compact locator CL43 by Vesala. Frequency: 10kHz and 33kHz (32.768kHz)

  • SA1 is an inductive rod probe that is used for cable tracing when distance to the target cable is more than 20cm, i.e. usually for underground or duct cables. Inductive tracing is based on detecting the magnetic field formed by the current that runs in the wire. Usually the current is induced with a transmitter. Inductive rod probes are at their best with the so-called minimum tracing method,...

  • LA5 is a small inductive probe for tracing and identifying cables or wires when the distance to the target object is less than 15cm. The probe is at its best indoors, e.g. for tracing cables inside walls or detecting a certain cable on cable shelves and for identifying pairs at joints. The finger shape construction of LA5 makes it ideal for identifying pairs inductively e.g. at joints,...

  • Turn the Vesala CL43 Compact Locator into a fully fledged Open Circuit Wire Tracer with the Vesala KA43 Wire Tracing Probe.

  • High frequency field probe for radio and satellite communications. 3 MHz - 18 GHz

  • Sensitive field probe for all types of high frequency application. 100 MHz - 90 GHz

  • Economical field probe for universal frequency range. 100 kHz - 3 GHz

Showing 1 - 15 of 31 items