Adapters, connectors, probes, antennas, modules for equipment, filters and other accessories.

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  • Batteries

    Special batteries for equipment

  • Adapters

    RJ, BNC, LSA, Banana etc. adapters for devices

  • Power supplies

    Power supplies for devices

  • Probes and antennas

    Inductive and capacitive probes, transformers, transmitting antennas, probes for EMC measuring, radio antennas etc.

  • Clamp-on transformers

    Clamp-on transformers for feeding signal inductively to the cable/wire

  • Cables & cords

    Cables and cords for devices

  • Headsets

    Headsets for devices

  • Bags & cases

    Bags and cases for equipment

  • Modules

    Modules for modular test platforms or other devices

  • Options sets

    Different hardware and software options sets for devices

  • Optional devices

    Displays, tone generators and other auxilary equipment for devices

  • Tripods

    Conductive and non-conductive, different hight tripods for devices

  • Waterproof cases

    Waterproof cases for equipment and accessories with IP67 protection class against water, dust, impacts etc. 

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  • includes: Microsoft Windows compatible Software (supports COM 1...99), O/E Converter USB , Cable Fiber Optic Duplex 2m

  • Steel ground pick for 4mm banana plug. Typically used for grounding a cable tracer transmitter when the traced object is also grounded or loop currents cause problems and false fields. Length (grounding depth) approximately 25cm. Suitable for devices e.g. CT45 and TM30.

  • Antenna set for the frequency range from 400 MHz to 6 GHz (e.g. cellular radio signals)

  • Antenna extension kit for the frequency range 9 kHz to 500 MHz

  • The 400 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range of Antenna 3 covers the entire spectrum of mobile communications including LTE and WLAN, and also includes L, S, and C band radar, for example.

  • This low-frequency loop antenna is particularly suitable for detecting defective or poorly screened switched power supplies or electrical controllers that emit interference, and for identifying interference due to power line carrier systems, or demonstrating interference with other signals in the very low frequency range (ultra long wave).

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items